Direct GRANTS 

Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance grants to food service workers in need of emergency assistance. 



Our Crisis Grant program currently helps food service workers in Georgia. Direct grants are awarded based on financial need and a set of criteria according to the crisis.

Most often, our financial assistance covers the cost of rent and utilities paid directly to the service provider(s). Applications are reviewed by Giving Kitchen staff and a review committee made up of GK board members.

Food service workers can apply for assistance up to six months after a crisis occurs. Once we receive a completed application and employment verification, the average time to process the application is one week.

Please note: we do not pay medical expenses.


Type of Qualifying Crises


Breaks, bumps or another physical ailment causing a food service worker to miss work.


Coughs, colds or worse, a sickness causing a food service worker to miss work.


Death in a food service worker's immediate family or work community.


Flood, fire or storm damage disrupting a food service worker's work schedule and housing.


Who We Serve

Giving Kitchen's Crisis Grants serve food service workers in Georgia. 



FOOD SERVICE is defined as:

Restaurants that serve food, catering companies, food trucks or concessions.

At this time, similar establishments that DO NOT QUALIFY for financial assistance according to GK’s guidelines include retail establishments that serve food (such as grocery stores or gas stations), meal prep, home meal delivery companies, third-party food delivery (such as UberEats), and non-commercial cafeterias such as schools, prisons and retirement homes.

Giving Kitchen serves Georgia:

Crisis Grant financial assistance is available to eligible food service workers in Georgia.

Stability Network resource referrals are available to food service workers in the United States. Click here learn how you can build your own Stability Network before crisis hits.